M2E — Coupon Sharing

Allowing restaurants in Paris to easily allow current customers to share coupons with their friends through QR codes.


Product Design, Research, Development Hand-off


Freelance Project

Tools Used

Figma, Moqups, Maze

An overview

M2E is a startup that aims to make sharing coupons with friends easier and make use of the foot traffic in restaurants all over Paris.

The challenge

While the idea for the app was simple, there were some relatively difficult challenges when implementing certain functionalities with scalibility in mind. Some of the challenges I faced when designing this mobile-only website are:

- Tables and character limits: Restaurants are able to set their own campaign names, and this naturally means you need to account for character limits.

- Graphs: Restaurants are able to view how their campaigns are performing, and so it was crucial that only important information was visible to them clearly.

Prior to Designing

Prior to beginning design, I spent some time writing epics and stories so that I and the M2E team could be on the same page when it comes to what features need to be designed. After having approved them, I then moved on to Moqups to create wireframes for said epics.

It was important that I set expectations that this is meant to illustrate the flows and features, and that it was nothing final in terms of design to avoid any misunderstanding.


Prototype and Figma file can be provided upon request.